Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner

Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner

Item# WG-2600

Product Description

Soft, supple, sumptuous leather for years to come!

Your leather interior deserves nothing but the best in leather care and conditioning.  Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner is a silky, lavish lotion that penetrates and nourishes leather of all ages, even surface- and vat-dyed leather. We cannot disclose the exact formula, but it does contain ingredients derived from nature, such as lanolin, mink oil and other natural oils--essential to the vibrant health and long life of your leather. Wolfgang Leather Conditioner preserves and protects leather from drying, cracking and brittleness that occurs naturally with age. Regular use of this lavish conditioner will leave your leather soft, supple and inviting.
Like human skin, leather needs to be properly cared as it deteriorates with age and from sun exposure. Wolfgang Leather Care is potent enough to overcome the signs of aging in neglected leather, to restore it to its original beauty and resiliency. The leather absorbs the natural moisturizers leaving a non-greasy, lustrous enhanced surface. UV protection is added to our formula to prevent sun damage, fading and other signs of age. The lanolin-based cream has a warm, natural leather aroma. With proper cleaning, conditioning and care, your leather will endure.
Our formula for Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner results from many clinical studies of the world's best leather conditioners. Wolfgang set out to formulate a conditioner that would surpass all others in the following categories: longevity, absorption rate, realistic leather aroma, effectiveness on dry, stiff leather, surface enhancement, absence of residue, and overall quality.  When our chemists presented their final product, we were ecstatic! Follow-up studies proved Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner to be the irrefutable champion in leather care. You will love what it does to your seats and other leather surfaces! Specially formulated to resist stains and bead water armoring your leather! Nothing is better for your leather! Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner matches the leather's own pH balance of seven for maximum conditioning. Botanical ingredients make up our conditioner, rather than drying petroleum distillates, which eventually dehydrate the leather and break-down the stitching. Tech note: Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner should not be used on napped leathers like suede or glove soft-leathers. Leather that is in a hard, cracked condition cannot be restored by this product or any other means.


Find a cool, shaded area in which to condition your leather. Be sure leather is clean, free of all contaminants, and dry. For the best possible results, prepare leather for conditioning by first using Wolfgang's Leather Care Cleaner.
  1. Shake well. Then apply Wolfgang Leather Care Conditioner to a clean, damp cloth or a microfiber applicator.
  2. Wipe down leather with the lotion, using a circular motion to massage into the pores.
  3. Allow the conditioner a few minutes to penetrate, then buff off excess with a clean towel. After allowing leather to dry, a quick buff with a soft cotton or microfiber towel will yield a glowing, satin finish.

16 oz. Liquid

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