Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

Tailor-Made Sheepskin Seat Covers

Item# SS-SC-TM

Product Description

When only the best will do!

Hand cut and hand crafted
to duplicate each and every curve and contour of your vehicle's seats, you can be certain that your custom made seat covers will fit like a glove, providing comfort for the car's driver and passengers, and protection for your upholstery. Construction begins only after order is received and we know the exact make, model and year of your vehicle. Then your seat covers are tailored to perfectly and snuggly wrap around the sides, top and front of your seats. To keep the covers in place, it is bound with heavy duty elastic. These sheepskin seat covers are available in many rich colors to beautifully complement any interior black, pearl, silver, charcoal, tan, or camel. There are styles to fit and flatter regular, bench and sport seats. Prices vary according to the style of seat and the amount of sheepskin required to cover them. Tailor Made Sheepskin Seat Covers are available in pairs to create a sharp, balanced look for your vehicle. Better yet, call one of our sales representatives at 561-687-3900 and we'll be happy to walk you through the process and discuss delivery time. We guarantee that your seat covers will arrive as advertised and warrantee against manufacturing defects. And we disclaim any responsibility for repercussions of cruising around in the buff! Regular, Bench, and Sports seats are available.

Tailor Made sheepskins are hand made please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Price listed is for two seat covers.

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