Pinnacle Soveran Wax

Pinnacle Soveran Wax

Item# pinnacle-soveran-wax

Product Description

Carnauba is nature's hardest, purest, and most transparent wax. It is derived from the "Tree of Life" (Copernica Cerifera), native to northern Brazil. Each summer, a thick yellow wax is extracted from the plant's leaves. This wax is poured into wooden molds and allowed to harden under the hot Brazilian sun. Government inpectors then grade each Carnauba brick according to color and purity. The highest quality carnauba is rated #1 Grade Yellow Carnauba.

We select only Brazilian #1 Grade Yellow Carnauba for our waxes. But even that isn't good enough!

From science...super-refining and modern polymers. We start with #1 Grade Yellow Carnauba, then refine it a second time. This changes the wax's pale yellow color to ivory as the last remaining impurities are removed. The result is Ivory Carnauba, a super-pure wax with unsurpassed clarity. We use only Ivory Carnauba as a foundation for all our waxes. To this base of Ivory Carnauba, we add modern crystalline polymers. Thes super-hard polymers increase the wax's durability by resisting breakdown from acid rain and ultraviolet light. Month after month, your vehicle will proudly display its Ivory Carnauba shine!

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