Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant With Rain Repelant

Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant With Rain Repelant

Item# PIN-820

Product Description

Seals glass to create an invisible shield that repels water, snow, sleet, hail, dirt, bugs, tree sap, dust and all air-borne contaminants!

Glass is an amazing material. It’s an optically clear solid material that creates a solid barrier between you and the outside world but, unlike other solid materials, we can see through it! Glass allows us the comfort of driving around totally enclosed in climate controlled environment during hot summers and a toasty warm in the winter. Without glass we would all be driving windowless convertibles! Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent allows you to get even more benefits and greater performance out of the glass windows on your car.

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