Pinnacle Clay Lubricant

Pinnacle Clay Lubricant

Item# PIN-502

Product Description

Pinnacle Clay Lubricant works hand in hand with Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay to quickly and effectively remove paint contamination to leave your paint feeling as slick as glass!

Auto detailing clay quickly removes paint overspray and contamination leaving behind a paint surface that is clean, smooth and as slick as glass. To work properly, all detailing clays require a lubricant. Soapy water will work in a pinch but it only provides minimal paint protection and the detergents in some car wash soaps can break down the detailing clay, causing the clay to disintegrate.

Pinnacle Clay Lubricant is designed to work with all auto detailing clay bars, natural or synthetic, including the new Poly-clays. Pinnacle Clay Lubricant creates a microscopic barrier between the paint and the clay bar and provides excellent lubrication during the claying process.

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