McKee's 37 Trademark Poli-Coat Wax

McKee's 37 Trademark Poli-Coat Wax

Item# MK37-750-B

Product Description

McKee's 37 Trademark Poli-Coat Wax imparts a dazzling, 3-dimensional liquid shine that complements all colors. This easy on, easy off formula combines genuine Brazilian carnauba wax with super slippery synthetic polymers designed to provide a thick, glossy shell of protection that can withstand the harshest climates. A built-in bonding agent primes the surface for Trademark Poli-Coat Wax, enhancing gloss while creating a foundation for long-lasting paint protection. Trademark Poli-Coat Wax is effortless to apply and remove; apply a thin coat and allow to dry to a haze. One swipe with a clean, soft microfiber towel is all it takes to remove the wax, revealing mile-deep reflections that last months, not weeks.

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