McKee's 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30 22oz.

McKee's 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30 22oz.

Item# MK37-663

Product Description

The only leather cleaner that makes interior care, fun!

For years we've sold our Total Interior Cleaner as the one-step solution for all your interior cleaning needs. Technology continues to evolve, as do the preferences of detailers, enthusiasts, and those that simply want to clean the interior of their everyday driver. Our customers have been asking for a dedicated leather cleaner, so we're giving it to them: Leather Shampoo 70/30. This rich, water-based leather cleaner opens the pores to remove dirt and soiling while infusing the leather with lanolin and mink oil. It creates a thick lather to clean deeper than our Total Interior Cleaner, while adding some protection along the way. The smell? It's to die for. You're going to love this formula.

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