McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant

McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant

Item# MK37-280

Product Description

Wipe On, Walk Away

I’m proud to say that 10 Minute Paint Sealant was born purely out of customer demand. You asked for it, and we delivered. I was torn on the decision to introduce a wipe on, walk away type sealant that doesn’t require the intimacy required to apply, say, our liquid High-Def Paint Sealant or our hand-poured Trademark Carnauba Paste Wax, but I’m glad I did. 10 Minute Paint Sealant is a break-through in modern chemistry, a true work of art. Wipe on, walk away? No rubbing or buffing? Sio2 Enhanced? Maybe I could get used to this new-school way of waxing after all. Enjoy.

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