Lloyd RubberTite Custom Rubber Floor Mats From

Lloyd RubberTite  Custom Rubber Floor Mats From

Custom Fit All Weather Rubber Floor Mats

Custom Fit All Weather Protection for All Trucks, SUV’s Vans And Automobiles

Unique Custom Fit Product
● The Only Custom fit Rubber Mat for all vehicles.
● Over 6000 custom designed patterns.
● Fit for passenger areas, cargos, trunks, decks, and virtually all floor surfaces.
● Many one-piece wall to wall and over-the-hump patterns.
• Extremely complete protective coverage.
• Coverage for areas not available from other tray and liner products.

Extremely Durable Rubber Material
● Heavy composition rubber stays flexible in sub freezing conditions.
● Hundreds of uniform “wells” on each mat provides capacity for mud, snow, water,
sand, spills and debris.
● Unique round well design for easy cleaning.
● Clean with spray from hose.
● Larger “wells” provide double the capacity than previous design.
● Contemporary edge-to-edge material design.
● Non-Skid Nib backing keeps mats in place. Increased number redesigned nibs.
● Textured non-slip surface.
● Black, Grey, Tan, or Crystal Clear colors to choose from.
● No raised edge to hinder entry and exit from vehicle.
● Low maintenance.
● Stay in place.
● Complements interior with contemporary design

Mechanical Anchoring Devices With Each Mat Set
● Factory compatible anchoring devices are
included with each set for vehicles with a
factory installed hook, snap, post, etc.
● Mats for vehicles without OE anchoring devices, are equipped with Lloyd’s proprietary anchoring system.

Generous Warranty
● Five-year materials and workmanship warranty.
• Buy with confidence.

Rubbertite Mats should not be placed over other floor mats. Rubbertite Mats are designed as a stand alone mat item. Rubbertite Mats are equipped with anchoring devices to keep them securely in place. These devices may not work properly if Rubbertite Mats are used over another accessory floor mat.

Custom floor mats are made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

We have sample mats and color swatches at the store. Stop by and take a color swatch out to your car to compare colors and materials.
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