Black Microfiber Wheel Detailing Towels

Black Microfiber Wheel Detailing Towels

Item# BM-T
$4.99, 3/$12.99, 6/$24.99

Product Description

Pick up All Purpose Microfiber Towels in all the available colors to color-code your detailing towels for different detailing jobs! This will prevent cross-contamination and give you a huge supply of quality Cobra microfiber!

These All Purpose Microfiber Towels have the same split weave as all other Cobra towels and they are just as safe on glass, paint, clear coat, and any other surface. For general cleaning in and around your garage and vehicle, you can’t beat the value.

Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towels give you all the benefits of microfiber at a special bulk price that makes them an essential addition to your towel collection.

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